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View the article in its original format here In the second in our series examining REDD we report how ambiguous forest definitions are putting the future success of forest protection schemes in doubt and allowing logging companies to destroy biodiverse habitats. The current lack of a working definition of what degraded forest or land is […]

Seeds of Doom

Published in Geographical magazine, August 2011. To view the article as it appeared in print: Seeds of Doom, Geographical magazine, August 2011 SEEDS OF DOOM Around the world, many plant species rely on specific animals to disperse their seeds away from the parent plant. But many of those animals are now facing extinction, raising fears […]

View the article in its original format here Climate change may cause dramatic changes in ape behaviour resulting in a further restriction of their available habitat, according to new research published in the Journal of Biogeography. As temperatures rise, apes will have to spend more time resting to avoid overheating. With less time available for […]

Published in the Journal of Tropical Ecology 2011 (volume 27, issue 5, pp 529-538). Abstract also published in Lemur News (Volume 16, 2011) and Primate Eye (No. 103, February 2011). View the study presented as a poster with images and data: varecia-seed-dispersal-poster_psgb-winter-2010_final_pdf.pdf .   Presentations Presented at the Primate Society of Great Britain Winter Meeting 2010, Bristol Conservation & Science Foundation 4th […]

Lemurs: Ecology and Adaptation Lisa Gould and Michelle Sauther (eds.), Springer, 2007 ISBN: 978-0-387-34585-7 (Hardback) £92.50   ‘May I announce to you that Madagascar is the naturalist’s promised land?’ wrote the botanist Philibert de Commerson in 1771. ‘Nature seems to have retreated there into a private sanctuary, where she could work on different models from […]

View the article in its original format here.   Sarawak, land of mystery, legend, and remote upriver tribes. Paradise of lush rainforest and colossal bat-filled caves. Home to unique and bizarre wildlife including flying lemurs, bearcats, orang-utans and rat-eating plants. Center of heavy industry and powerhouse of Southeast Asia. Come again? This jarring image could […]

View the article in its original format here.     After the success of their Sahafina Forest project, Biodiversity Conservation Madagascar is now branching out to the tsingy forest of Beanka, a project set to launch in October this year. Biodiversity Conservation Madagascar (BCM) has been granted a 25-year lease on a 14,000-hectare area of […]

View the article in its original format here.     Forest fires threaten world’s largest remaining population of orangutans Raging fires have broken out in the peat-swamp forests of Central Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo, threatening the largest population of orangutans in the world. The fires were started by people but have spread uncontrollably due to the […]

View the article in its original format here.   Four of the world’s rarest tortoises have been stolen from a captive breeding programme in Madagascar. The critically endangered animals were part of a group of 44 due for release by the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and were being held in pre-release enclosures at a secret […]

Co-authored with Derek Schurrman. View the article in its original format here   Despite being one of the last habitable land masses on earth to be settled by man, Madagascar has lost more of its forests than most countries; less than 10% of its original forest cover now remains, and much of that is degraded. […]