Kara Moses

Studying lemur seed dispersal, Madagascar 2009

I am a writer, journalist and editor. My published work includes books, articles in magazines, newspapers and websites (including the Ecologist, the Guardian, New Scientist, Geographical, Red Pepper, New Internationalist, BBC Wildlife, Mongabay.com and others), book reviews and scientific publications.

I write mostly about the environment, activism and science. Areas of specialism include primates (lemurs in particular), conservation, Madagascar, Borneo and activism. I’m also interested in energy and climate change, ethical living, homelessness, inequality, economic and social justice, politics, meditation, corporate-state power and irresponsibility, and radical responses to globalised industrial capitalism.

Currently Environment Editor of Red Pepper magazine, Co-editor of Slaney Street, and Reviews Editor for Primate Eye, the journal of the Primate Society of Great Britain. Formerly Sub-Editor for Geographical and DIVE magazines and Online Editor for DIVE and Snow magazines.

I hold a BSc. in Biological Sciences (Environmental), and studied behavioural ecology of captive lemurs for my dissertation which I also presented at an academic conference. I later conducted field research in Madagascar, studying seed dispersal by ruffed lemurs, for a Primatology Masters by Research thesis. This work has been published in a major tropical science journal, presented at a number of academic conferences and meetings and used in the conservation management plans of organisations working in Madagascar.

I started out focusing on environmental issues but moved on to include social and economic justice as I realised how all of these things were inextricably linked; I saw time and time again that environmental destruction, poverty and injustice could all be traced back to one root source – a fundamentally flawed socio-economic system that favours the rich and exploits the poor and the environment. My writing and activism are means through which I try to expose the truth, inspire change and action, and find alternatives.

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