A selection of my published work:


Madagascar, (10th ed.), Bradt Travel Guides, 2011 (Contributor)

Primates of the World, New Holland, 2008 (Major Contributor)

Borneo, Bradt Travel Guides, 2008 (Contributing Editor)

Articles published online

News analysis, comment and features

It’s Happening: 2016 is the year of climate disobedience (Red Pepper, June 2016)

Heathrow13: Why I risked jail for my beliefs (The Ecologist, May 2016)

Civil Disobedience is the only way left to fight climate change (the Guardian, May 2016)

Paris attacks & the climate summit: we can and must become stronger from this (Red Pepper, November 2015)

Madagascar tar sands threat (New Internationalist, March 2014)

Damage limitation: shining a light on Bell Pottinger (Red Pepper, January 2014)

Do we need conclusive scientific proof to become concerned about an issue? (the Guardian Environment blog, June 2013)

Zoologger: the hibernating lemur that feeds on its tail (New Scientist, May 2013)

Bedroom tax: lessons in morality from Iain Duncan Smith (Red Pepper, April 2013)

Are the big six energy companies blocking renewables in the UK? (theEcologist.org, March 2012)

Fjord Focus (SnowMagazine.com, July 2011)

Top 10 foods to forage (theEcologist.org, March 2011)

Species vs ecosystems: save the tiger or focus on the bigger issues? (theEcologist.org, January 2011)

Primatologists: the best hope for apes is the best hope for us (Mongabay.com, December 2010)

How Essex schoolchildren help save endangered species through Millenium Seed Bank (theEcologist.org, November 2010)

Lack of forest definition ‘major obstacle’ in fight to protect rainforests (theEcologist.org, October 2010)

Do environmentalists and governments hold back sustainable lifestyles? (theEcologist.org /Guardian.co.uk, August 2010)

Power, profit and pollution: dams and the uncertain future of Sarawak (Mongabay.com, September 2009)

(Also featured in 30 big conservation stories for 2009, Mongabay.com, December 2009)

Forest recovery programs in Madagascar (Mongabay.com, June 2009)


We already have the technology to go fossil fuel-free (Red Pepper, July 2013)

US pledges to reduce use of chimpanzees in scientific research (The Guardian, June 2013)

RSPB urges British public to create 1m ‘homes for nature’ (the Guardian, June 2013)

China leads the waste recycling league (the Guardian, June 2013)

Climate activists join anti-capitalists in Canary Wharf’s biggest protest (the Guardian, June 2013)

GM crops: UK environment secretary to push for relaxation of EU rules (the Guardian, June 2013)

Climate protests in the UK courts (Guardian, June 2013)

Lord’s Resistance Army funded by elephant poaching, report finds (Guardian, June 2013)

iGas shale resources bigger than previously thought? Or industry hyperbole? (Guardian, June 2013)

Anti-cuts Birmingham group runs blockade on budget day (Liberal Conspiracy, March 2013)

Logging company accused of ‘misleading public’ with carbon conservation project (theEcologist.org, December 2010)

Cities must ‘radically change’ transport systems to cope with population explosion (theEcologist.org, December 2010)

Dupont follows Monsanto in new move to consolidate South African seed market (theEcologist.org, December 2010)

Bluefin tuna condemned to extinction by ‘laughable’ ICCAT summit claim activists (theEcologist.org, November 2010)

Industry and activists clash over environmental footprint of nanotechnology (theEcologist.org, November 2010)

Oil companies Perenco, Repsol-YPF and ConocoPhillips under fire over Peruvian tribes (theEcologist.org, November 2010)

Lidl supermarket tuna ‘contains fish species not on the label’ (theEcologist.org, November 2010)

Written charter for land use vital for ‘Big Society’ management of natural resources (theEcologist.org, November 2010)

Bees stung by ‘climate change-linked’ early pollination (theEcologist.org, September 2010, also featured on Guardian.co.uk)

Rapid growth in Amazon dams brought home by online map (theEcologist.org, August 2010)

Tar sands campaign targets holidaymakers and pension funds (theEcologist.org, August 2010)

Tanzania’s Serengeti Highway plan could destroy major carbon sink (theEcologist.org, August 2010)

Rising demand for bycatch will lead to ecological catastrophe, scientists warn (theEcologist.org, August 2010)

Ecuador offers to leave rainforest oil in the ground for $3.6 billion (theEcologist.org, August 2010)

Global rise in hydroelectric dams threatens tribal peoples (theEcologist.org, August 2010)

Saving the tsingy forests in Madagascar (Mongabay.com, August 2009)

Borneo ablaze: forest fires threaten world’s largest remaining population of orangutans (Mongabay.com, August 2009)

World’s rarest tortoises stolen (Mongabay.com, June 2009)


Confronting the climate crisis: interview with Graham Petersen, UCU and Greener Jobs Alliance (Red Pepper, May 2013)

Activist High: Interview with Shard climber Ali Garrigan (Red Pepper, November 2013)

Interview with alternative Nobel Prize winner Raul Montenegro (theEcologist.org, November 2010)

Interview with WWF President Yolanda Kakabadse (theEcologist.org, August 2010)

Blogs and comment pieces

Birmingham needs to reclaim the power (Slaney Street, June 2013)

How do you reach the unreachable? (Good Energy guest blog, May 2013)

It’s time to reclaim our economy for global justice (BrightGreenScotland.org, February 2013)

What is geography anyway, and why would anyone want to study it? (Geographical blog, September 2010)

Magazine articles

A tsingular beauty – tar sands in Madagascar (New Internationalist, March 2014)

Hunting primates alters forests (Geographical magazine, May 2013)

How do you reach the unreachable? (BVSC Update, July 2013)

How meditation changed my life (Be Happy magazine, March 2012)

Our final demand for clean, affordable energy (Birmingham Friends of the Earth Newsletter December 2011)

I’m a geographer – Geographical magazine Education Supplement 2011 (Geographical, September 2011)

Fjord Focus (Snow, October 2011)

Kit review: Ski~Mojo  (Snow, October 2011)

Seeds of Doom (Geographical, August 2011)

South Pacific fossil reef may offer corals safe haven (Geographical, November 2010)

Carbon mapping breakthrough (Geographical, November 2010)

Organic farming not always better for biodiversity (Geographical, November 2010)

Human impacts on deep sea floor mapped (Geographical, November 2010)

Not enough hours in the day for primates as temperatures rise (Geographical, October 2010)

Climate change may lead to mass Mexican migration (Geographical, October 2010)

Acidic oceans cause fish to swim into jaws of predators (Geographical, October 2010)

Phytoplankton decline threatens marine food chain (Geographical, October 2010)

Banda arc mystery solved (Geographical, October 2010)

Temperature the key to biodiversity (Geographical, October 2010)

Degraded forests offer safe havens for wildlife (Geographical, October 2010)

Indian ocean sea levels rising due to greenhouse gas emissions (Geographical, September 2010)

Orang-utans hit by peat fires (BBC Wildlife Vol. 27 No. 11, October 2009)

Madagascar suffers wildlife disaster (BBC Wildlife Vol. 27 No. 6, June 2009)

Operation lemur (BBC Wildlife Vol. 25 No. 13, December 2007)

She-killer chimpanzees (BBC Wildlife Vol. 25 No. 9, Summer 2007)

Scientific publications

Is seed dispersal by lemurs characterized by relatively short dispersal distances? The case for Madagascar’s ‘spatially restricted seed dispersal’ Primate Eye No. 106 February 2012

Primary seed dispersal by the black-and-white ruffed lemur (Varecia variegata) in the Manombo forest, southeast Madagascar, Moses K. L. & Semple S., Journal of Tropical Ecology 2011 (Volume 27, issue 5, pp 529-538).

Niche Separation of Four Lemur Species in a Mixed Species Enclosure, Moses K. L. & Thorpe S. K., Proceedings of the Ninth Annual Symposium on Zoo Research, British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums, 2007

Read an interview with Kara Moses on this work 

Book reviews

Seed Dispersal: Theory and its application in a changing world,  A. J. Dennis, E. W. Schupp, R. J. Green and D. A. Westcott (eds.), CABI, 2007.

(Published in Primate Eye No. 103, February 2011)

Lemurs: Ecology and adaptation, Lisa Gould and Michelle Sauther (eds.), Springer, 2007

(Published in Primate Eye No. 97, February 2009; quoted by the publishers on Springer.com and Amazon.com.)

Unpublished articles

Keeping it radical: turning towards the world

My work in the press

How lemurs fight climate change: an interview with Kara Moses

Critically Endangered lemurs disperse seeds, store carbon

Lemur poop crucial for the health of Madagascar’s rainforests